The Lion's Rear

The Lion's Rear


The Lion's Rear is where Ryan Rix [publishes/curates/develops] non-technical creative works.

don't bang the drums
don't blow the flute
don't be the head
be the lion's rear

See Where I am and Where I've Recently Been.

Read some philosophical and nontechnical Writings and interesting bits of my Archive

I drink a lot of Tea and think about a lot of Tea. I am Growing Tea, and some day soon I will Sell Tea.

I am creative but not a creative. My "computer jazz" lives on The Arcology Garden; Recipes, Poetry, Tokipona Poetry, My Watercolor Paintings, Plotter Art live here.

I like to go Cycling but I'm not a cyclist.

I love plants but I'm not a gardner or a "plant dad": Ficus Retusa Bonsai, My Plants, My Tea Plants, Cascadia Bioregion

I Meditate and study Buddhism but IDK if I'm a buddhist. Tea is the closest thing I have to Zen, probably, but no closer than anything else. Sorry.

I contain multitude and labels cannot contain me.

The Lion's Rear is part of The Arcology Project, a series of interweaved Websites expressing facets of Ryan's published work as extracted from his Knowledge Base and presented to you:

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