The Lion's Rear

Be The Lion's Rear


The Lion's Rear is named after a Baisao Poem, one of my favorite poems. I have been blessed with success and privilege beyond my means, and I feel duty bound to use that to quietly push forward people the people who I want to succeed. Quietly guiding, quietly being lead, it's the same thing when you're in Flow with your team.

The Poem fc

position ease box interval due
0 2.95 8 1058.60 2026-02-24T18:04:56Z
1 3.10 8 1508.24 2027-05-20T10:18:52Z
2 3.10 8 1277.76 2026-10-01T22:46:25Z
3 2.95 7 497.36 2022-11-28T09:41:38Z

Don't beat the drum Don’t blow the flute Don’t be the front Be the lion’s rear.

This poem has become a guiding philosophy of my life.