The Lion's Rear

Jitensha Ni Ocha


Jitenshi ni ocha 「自轉車にお茶」 「tea on a bike」 is what happens when Ryan gets on one of their bicycles and rides around town, setting up a small tea table and tea set in random places and Brews Tea for strangers.

a tea small table with a kyusu and teapots on it. a stanley hot water thermos next to it, a small folding stool. the ground is littered with alder leaves and tea plants can be seen in the background.

Jitensha ni Ocha #1: Eugene Bike Trails

Willamette River Trail Slow Ride

stop at a few nice spots along the river trail starting in Alton Baker Park

Fern Ridge Park to Fern Ridge Reservoir

Ride out there and post up, mate. listen to the birds.


NEXT design signs on AxiDraw

probably fine to do a first-pass simple thing with the 茶 - have a cup of Tea work and some hershey text…

NEXT plan a small route

plan to do like 3 hours along a path or trail or something, 45 minutes + ride 15 + 45 + …

NEXT pick a date and publish it

NEXT invite Blue Cliff Zen to join me, some way

Hypergoal: e-bike rickshaw tea table

rickshaw or ice cream cart that has a tea table on it and place to store water and brewing gear