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This Recipe Book is nearly constantly recommended to me, but it's more than that maybe: "learn to cook delicious meals with any ingredient, anywhere, at any time – even without a recipe". it's written by Samin Nosrat

I put a bunch of this in to Archive so that I can find these recipes when I am Shopping for groceries or going to the farmer's market.

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Recipes worth considering Recipe

I'll start here cause i'm greedy and in need of shopping inspiration


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Page 217:

citrus, beets, quick-pickle onions, avocado greens.

She's got a matrix of suggested combinations

avo+citrus+onions+salmon sounds nice

Cabbage Slaw Recipe

the richer the food, the more acidic the salad



some variations:

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Page 231

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A lot to be said about not buying box stock but ehhhh i just don't think i'm gonna be keeping chicken carcasses in my freezer…

Stracciatella - Roman Egg Drop Soup Recipe

I'd love a simple egg drop soup :3

simmer the stock and season with salt whisk eggs in a bowl or measuring cup with spout, salt, pepper, parm, parsley pour the egg mixture in a thin stream while gently stirring. don't overmix. cook for 30 seconds for the eggs to cook, ladle in to bowls for immediate serving

cover and refrigerate up to 3 days. gently re-simmer to serve leftovers

  1. Classic Egg Drop Soup Recipe

    9 cups stock with 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, three cloves garlic, thumb of ginger, cilantro, peppercorns, then strain in to another pot for the egg drop.

    1 tablespoon of corn starch with the 2tbsp stock added, whisk to combine, whisk in eggs and a pinch of salt. drizzle in like the roman version, garnish with scallions and serve

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Tuscan Bean and Kale Soup Recipe

dutch oven over medium-high heat, 1 tablespoon of olive oil. add the bacon or pancetta when oil simmers, cook until it starts to brown. add onion celery carrots, bay leaves, season with salt and pepper. reduce heat to medium, cook, stir until veggies start to brown. make a hole in the center, add another tablespoon of evoo + garlic to sizzle a bit before it browns add tomatos. stir, taste, salt. simmer the tomatoes until they cook down, then add the beans and their cooking liquid, half the grated parm and the rind, enough stock to cover add "immoderate" splashes of olive oil bring back to simmer, add kale, cabbage + simmer, add water to cover up the kale and cabbage. 20 minutes more until the greens are tender, salt for taste remove the rind and bay leaves serve with evoo, parm store in fridge up to 5 days, freeze up to 2 m onths

  1. Variations

    • Pasta e Fagioli: add small pasta at the same time as beans, stir frequently, cook 20 minutes for pasta
    • Ribollita: add Torn Croutons after the final simmer (after adding kale and cabbage), cook until the bread has absorbed the stock and fallen apart, 25 minutes? no bread should be visible, just a thick tender mess.

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page 276, would need to buy a blender but these are clutch for a good weeknight meal.


Some tips:

beans and eggs, crack eggs in to the pan of cooked beans, slide in to hot oven until whites are set, serve with cheese and bread

rice and beans: Adas Polo (page 334), rice and bean burrito.

mash beans with softened onions, herbs, an egg, parm, cooked rice or quinoa to bind it and fry, top with egg for breakfast

freeze extra cooked beans with their water to slip in to soups


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Pasta ala Pomarola (aka marinara) Recipe

8 cups of sauce, pasta recipe serves 4

dutch oven over medium high. coat bottom with oil, add onions. salt, reduce heat to medium, cook until onions are soft and translucent. while the onions cook: slice the garlic, quarter or crush the tomatoes, set aside. push onions to edges, add oil to center, add garlic, before the garlic browns add tomatoes. bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer. season with salt, and (torn basil or oregano). cook over low heat, stir often, scrape the bottom. if it sticks don't do that or it'll taste burnt, just transfer to a new pot and soak that in the sink.

for the pasta: water on high heat, cover with lid.

sauce will be done when it tastes cooked, maybe 25 minutes. canned tomatoes may take up to 40, look for a loss of tinny taste. bring it to a rapid simmer and stir in 3/4 cup of olive oil. simmer together and emulsify. remove from heat. puree it.

sauce keeps in fridge for a week or frozen 3 moths. can be made shelf-stable up to a year as jars in a hot water bath for 20 minutes.

for serving four: 2 cups of pomarola sauce to a simmer while pasta cooks to al dente. drain the pasta, reserve a cup of pasta water. add the pasta to the sauce, toss, thin with pasta water and olive oil taste and salt as needed topped with cheese

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    cooked on [2022-04-16]:

    • need to crush the tomatoes more, maybe get a potato smasher
    • pretty watery, drain some of the tomato-can water
    • didn't get the order right, didn't cook the garlic, garlic is pretty much not there
    • two onions is probably too much but that's okay

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chicken pot pie

"conveyor belt chicken"

chicken confit

make a big batch a few times a year and stick it in the fridge, kept in the fat

pan-fried chicken, pork schnitzel, etc

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improvised braise, some tips on picking cuts of meat

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salsa, mayonnaise, pesto

WAITING doughs, pastry, etc

I don't really feel like i have bandwidth to "get into" baking right now…

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