The Lion's Rear

2022 SuperGT Season Finale @ Twin Ring Motegi


I stayed up late last night watching this Sportscar Racing Motorsport event, it's an instantly classic memorable race. Exciting, nail biting, and briefly heart-breaking from lap 1 to the checkered flag. All the teams I was rooting for (The best way to watch Sportscar Racing is to pick a favorite) had issues early on that let them out of contention for the win and the championship – or so I'd thought.

In a couple of hours we had the full range of motorsport experience:

motorsport is cool as hell. and sportscar racing and japanese autosports are rad as heck. this is way better than formula 1, its way more anime. this race was exciting and nail-biting for all 300km. i wish this wasnt locked on a 70$/year streaming service so i could show y'all. the highlights VoD isn't even commentated.

In the references below you'll find links to the highlights and some recap Videos.