The Lion's Rear

Ficus Retusa Bonsai


This is going to be a real Project I am afraid, haha. I have to care for a Bonsai tree.

My Ficus Retusa Bonsai as acquired on [2020-08-07].

I bought this bonsai from Indoor Sun on [2020-08-07] and intend to prune it towards a simple style, windswept. I should probably wire it soon.

As planted, there are small pebbles at the top which dry to indicate that i should water, it is critically important for bonsai to not let the soil dry. Soil should drain well, my current bonsai planter has a drain spout and a catch basin.

Wiring is thin to medium-strong branches is easy, make sure they don't cut in to the bark though.

there's a lot of bonsai specific tech I need to catalog and understand, pruning is a real project.

2021 defoliation and pruning

On <2021-05-07> I defoliated, pruned, and wired. I'll prune the roots when it starts coming back together. Here's an Instagram until I get the Arcology Media Store built.

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give it good indirect light, somewhere with a steady temperature. fc

position ease box interval due
0 2.65 8 576.50 2023-12-02T17:35:31Z

NEXT I should let this bonsai get some fresh air in the spring fc

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0 2.95 8 833.66 2024-08-18T14:08:34Z

somewhere around [2021-05-01] once the nights are warm enough. Probably after pruning.

NEXT When to prune? fc

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front 2.95 8 1039.93 2026-03-15T00:01:58Z

Prune in spring on the growth from the previous year.

Prune back to 2 leaves after 6-8 grow on a branch. New shoots grow from old wood. see Pruning Bonsai, cutting branches to shape the tree - Bonsai Empire.